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How to sign up
  • If you are a 1st time student or a little rusty, start with Level 0 for tricks or Pole Flow for less strength-based moves.

  • Book any class by clicking on the class you want on the calendar.

  • Pay for 1 class at a time or get a class package & save $$$!

  • Book each class you want, even if you have unlimited sessions, or you may be turned away from a class that is full.

  • CONTACT US if you need to cancel a booking. You will get credit for a session if you paid by class package or give you a code for an individually bought class (or if an instructor needs to cancel)

what to wear?
  • Skin contact is essential for grip to poles, so wearing snug fitting clothing that allows for most skin contact is best.

  • Because of that, we recommend NO LOTION up to 24 hours before class.

  • NO JEWELRY: Rings can damage poles and wrist jewelry causes pinches.

  • OPTIONAL: Pole Heels, Knee Pads, Pole Grip

  • BRING WATER/Small Snack if you are prone to dizziness working out.

What if i'm bad at it?
  1. Too Old

  2. Too Heavy

  3. Too Sweaty

  4. Too Weak

  5. Too Shy/Embarrassed

  6. Wrong Gender

  7. Poor Memory/Cognition

^Heard it all~excuses

Consistency is key. Very few people show up to their first class and are experts within a month.

Focus on your own journey and set benchmarks to check your progress. You don't need to come 3 days a week to see progress, but you SHOULD at least come 1X/WEEK, and come to Open Pole to practice if you can.

Pole is for everyone, although we mostly teach adults. If you are unsure if you are able to exercise or lift because of any medical concern, please check with your Doctor before signing up.


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