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Welcome to Spin Sisters, a studio led by a variety of women who have found strength and self-expression through Pole Fitness, Aerial Arts, Movement and Flow Arts.


We warmly welcome all individuals, all shapes and all genders to explore what YOUR Pole/Aerial/Flow journey could be. Whether your goal is to increase strength & flexibility, to find an outlet to express yourself, create a showcase performance for the world, or just to find yourself and claim your personal style, allow us to guide you.

Do you picture the pole-dancer poised with newfound beauty and grace, with silky smooth lines and the softest expression? Or do you imagine a more technical display of inner strength , displaying raw power and a primal persona?


Have you ever feel censored in your everyday life or like you have to hold-back the urge to be an outspoken surge of energy and crave an outlet to entertain your expressive mind? Some may seek slow sensual moves that lets the body speak in sheer seduction, or mysteriously mind-bending exotic flow.


Whatever goals you wish to achieve, YOU have the power to shape your Pole/Aerial/Flow journey in any way you please. Spin Sisters are here to keep you motivated and excited to challenge yourself to reach new heights. Just bring yourself to class as consistently as possible and allow us to provide the methods, knowledge, safety and support you desire.

Be the Community

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