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Spin Sisters, WI welcomes you to join us on you Fitness Journey with small, intimate class sizes and various classes offered in all skill levels to keep it exciting as you grow stonger and more confident within these walls and without.

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We are the Spin Sisters!

On a pole, flying high, with props or without, we Spin and Move to the music.

Spin Sisters has been a dream in the making for many years, although created in May 2021. A place to work out with friends, old and new, while having fun discovering new ways to move your body. A place to push yourself to making the impossible, possible, with support from others in our fitness community. Strengthen your body and mind while building confidence and feeling good.


With years of experience, performing, instructing, learning and competing, and certificates in Aerial Yoga, Beginner Pole Dance, Beginner Lyra, Low Pole, Grounded Lyra, Intermediate Pole, Intermediate Lyra, Spinning Pole, and Strength & Flexibility Training, The Spin Sisters are here to bring you a variety of courses and programs that are challenging yet effective, and comes with a community of people cheering each others' victories on.

​If you are looking to try something new, improve your self-esteem, and prefer smaller classes rather than high-traffic fitness facilities, give our studio a try. Trust the process, be persistent, come to practice participate, and grow. You may find what you once thought was unbelievable can be achievable.

Be the Community